The Special Fraud Unit (SFU) of the Nigeria Police has arrested three men who allegedly defrauded a new generation bank of N35.3 million.

The men allegedly reactivated 27 dormant bank accounts, through which they siphoned the amount. He said that the men were arrested on February 28, after an investigation which started sometime in 2010. One of the bank’s staff was initially arrested and dismissed last year over an alleged fraud of N750,000 but was later released on bail. According to him, another fraud was uncovered in the bank and as investigation progressed, it was discovered that the ex-staff was allegedly an accomplice in the crime.

“The action prompted the bank to probe further into their activities and it was discovered that about 27 dormant accounts were fraudulently reactivated by the suspects,” he said.

He said that upon interrogation of the two arrested workers, they confessed that the former head of the processing department was allegedly involved in the fraud.